Stop by and step out of time and space for a while. 

Enjoy the chi and a cup of tea while exploring the many healing products we offer to support your personal journey. 

  • We have a large selection of books  covering topics from energy work, essential oils, self help and healing modalities. In addition, we offer healing music and CD's on meditation.

  • Our informed staff can help you select just the right crystal for your own healing or the perfect gift. We carry a varied ensemble of crystals for your space, pocket, or to wear.

  • We have crystal and sterling silver jewelry that is not only beautiful but also provides a service as a healing tool     .

  • Enjoy the sounds of our Crystal Tones Singing Bowl collections. Their healing vibrations help regulate our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

  • Select an essential oil that best suits your need of the moment, whether it is to relax, restore, or invigorate.