What in the world are we doing here?


I am sure you have noticed that the world is a crazy place right now. There is a reason for this, we have entered a time many have referred to as The Shift, The Great Shift of Ages ,The Golden Age or The Ascension Process just to name a few.

For a very long time the world has been operating in a collectively agreed upon fashion. It has not been very balanced when it comes to fairness, equity, peace and love. This is all changing.

Whether you are aware of it or not you have chosen to be here on Earth at this time to either help with the shift or to simply experience it. It has been said that being alive as a human at this time is like having won a “Golden Ticket”.

I know it seems that things are crazier than usual, however this is evidence that what needs to be adjusted or balanced is now coming out of the shadows and into the light. We have been making huge leaps of consciousness over the past several years and there is no turning back now. Everything is up for review from how we relate to ourselves, each other, the planet and ALL systems, including Political, Religious, Financial and Educational.

There are many people writing about these times. I have been following many of them myself for years and have found what they are writing about to be very interesting and informative. I have compiled a list of resources (below) so that you may do some of your own investigation and hopefully find some answers to the big question, “What in the World are we doing here?”

With Love and Light,


This is the list of Websites that we frequently visit to gain insight into what is happening energetically to us and our planet. We use our discretion when reading material from any one of these sources and suggest you do as well, if you choose to read them. We have found a similar theme throughout most of these offerings that suggests we are rapidly evolving as humans. There are many variations on this theme, some being more expansive than others. You may find some of this material to be thought provoking and enlightening. We hope you enjoy!

We love the weekly I-Ching messages that come to our in-boxes.  This man has a huge loving heart.

1. Click here to read Bobby Klein.

This is a website with daily postings about the ascension process and the New Earth.  

2. Click here to read about the ascension process.

Judith's website offers deeply engaging material on twin flames, sacred relationship and ascension.

3. Click here to read Judith's website.

Spiritual teachings that consistently speak to our hearts. We recommend Matt's videos as spiritual tools.

4. Click here to see Matt's videos.

Aluna Joy brings us messages from her spiritual pilgrimages around the Earth.  These messages are alive and transformational.

5. Click here to read Aluna Joy.

Judy Satori is an extraordinary sound healer, a pioneer of Light Language on this planet. Lots of free resources. So worth the visit just to experience Light Language from a master.

6. Click here to visit Judy Satori.

This is the website of Marilyn Raffaele, a voice for the Arcturians.  She is a lovely introduction to the awakening process, easily readable, gently received by most of us.

7. Click here to see Marilyn's website.

Sandra Walter is a teacher of  and a guide to the ascension process. We consider her one of the more advanced voices on the planet at this time.

8. Click here to see the Sandra Walter website.

A gathering of many topics and many voices, all to educate, inspire and create community.

9. Click here for Wake Up World.

We consider Tom Kenyon a master sound healer.  He is a wonderful introduction to sound healing because of his balanced left and right brain awareness. Many free resources on this site, and we recommend a visit to one of his workshops, for the core changes that might come.

10. Click here to read about Tom Kenyon.

These are channeled messages by Ronna from Archangel Michael.

11. Click here to visit the website.

This is a website that can offer ten minutes of inspiration at a time, or an afternoon of well-being.

12. Click here t0 visit the website.

Melanie Tonia Evans: NARP Narcissitic Abuse Recovery Program: It has come to our attention how many people are being affected by having been in or are currently in a relationship with a narcissist. It seems to be epidemic at this time. We have shared this website with many people who have found the information to be extremely helpful in finding peace, balance and understanding when dealing with a narcissist.

13. Click here to visit the website.

Here is a Matt Kahn video that is particulary helpful in understanding the reason for the large number of pairings of Narcissists with Very Sensitive Empathic people. This link is very insightful:

14. Click here to view.

This is excellent in explaining the differet dimensions.

15. Click here to view the video.

Jen found this interesting article.

16. Click here to view.

Information about the Shift.

17. Click here to see the website.