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The Chakras, Essential Oils and Crystals

The Chakras, Essential Oils, and Crystals

We will review each Chakra; what they represent, where each are in our body, and the effects of out of balance Chakras.  Essential oils and crystals can play an integral part in balancing.  Come learn HOW! 

The class will begin with a 15 minute “check in” of each Chakra.  You will be guided to assess the energy flow of each Chakra in your body.

Leave class with:

 Ø  A concise two-page hand out of each chakra, what they represent, and where they are located.

Ø  A small “Chakra Balancing Kit”, including an oil, a crystal, and a mantra for individual Chakra’s.

 Class facilitated by Beth Roland

 Sunday, November 25th 11am to 1pm @ New Earth, 177 Main Street, Manasquan.

 Fee:  $35 including kit, $20 without take home kit. ( Two Page Recap available if you chose not to take advantage of the oils and crystals in kit)

 Please call New Earth to register: 732-800-3300.