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Healing the Inner Child


Emotional wounds from our childhood can create issues in our adulthood that keep us blocked, unhappy and filled with anxiety or imbalance. Many people are unknowingly stifled in their personal life by deep scars of shame, guilt, feelings of rejection or abandonment or simply not feeling good enough. These painful beliefs can keep us from having healthy relationships or may limit our work success or ability to follow-through with our dreams and goals.

While we can't escape the pains of living or reverse how we were reared, we can learn how to heal our inner child by helping to redevelop, define and mature and into healthy and thriving adults. The process requires not only learning how to hear and understand the voice of the child vs. the self, but how to re-parent and healthily move forward in a way that will shift your reality and transform your life.

This workshop offers:

*Understanding PTED (Post Traumatic Emotional Disorder) symptoms and recovery tools

*A powerful meditation to align us with our true self to feel safe to do the work

*Practical exercises to begin the healing process

*"Emotional Workouts" that will help you:

-Learn how to communicate with your inner child.

-Discover how to re-parent your inner child so he/she feels safe, loved and worthy

-Practice building a strong sense of self so you can be a healthier and happier adult while the needs of your inner child are being met. This allows the young him/her to mature and allows you to differentiate between childhood wounds and adult suffering.

Materials are provided. Wear comfortable clothing. No perfumes please.
All are welcome to the workshop.

Facilitated by Leah Guy

Fee: $30

Earlier Event: November 14
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