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The Path of the Blue Rose

The Path of the Blue Rose

Awakening the Heart and Mind of God Within

Teachings and Transmissions from the newly released book

The Magdalene, Temple of the Divine Feminine

By Mary Farrell Tobin

(Book signing 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm)

Join us as Mary Tobin shares stories from this light encoded book, transcribed directly from Mary Magdalene, The Magdalene.  In it, The Magdalene speaks of her early years in Israel, as well as her education in Qumran and as a Priestess of Isis.  This story also includes her years of travel and her early ministry and earth mission with her Beloved, Yeshua.

Mary will transmit The Magdalene’s teachings as well.

Mary Magdalene says, “ I would speak of this course as a passageway to the light of the Divine within…that they may fully embody the 5th dimension of unconditional love and compassion.  The path of the indigo light awakens the third eye area that the conscious mind may be more fully aligned with the heart of compassion.   My entrance in will enable the heavy heart to be lifted and the minds eye to see clearly this passageway, in alignment with the spirit of heaven.  You may call this class The Path of the Blue Rose, The Awakening of the Heart and Mind of God Within.  The Blue Rose is the passageway to the light of heaven within, the Christ Child awakening through the true heart of compassion.  And I, the keeper of wisdom plant the seeds of redemption within each who would seek this path.”

Fee: $35


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