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The Ascension Development Course

 Facilitated by Mary Tobin

A Four Week Course

Sundays beginning January 21st, 2018: 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11

Fee $120 for the series

*Limited to 12 participants

 Reserve your place

You are each invited to step into this ancient iniatic passageway to aid you on your path to awakening.  This mystery school course is presented to you by The Order of Melchizidek as a forum for the development of mankind.  It is a channeled presentations, facilitated by Mary Tobin,.  She allows the masters to work through her, to draw forth change in the energetic system of each participant.

This four week course aids each on the path of awakening through energetic shifts into higher states of consciousness and through the reconstruction and activation of the light-body.   The dove, a symbol for spirit since ancient times, awakens the gifts of spirit within each person. This course also allows the healing and activation of crystalline cell structures.

This is an introductory course into the mystery school teachings.    The course continues with quarterly classes on the fall and spring equinox and the winter and summer solstices.

The masters invite each of you who feel called to this course.  They say:

“Many false notes have been placed in the hearts of mankind.  We aid in their release, that the awakening of the heart and the ways of compassion may be brought forth.  At the completion of this course,  each participant will step forth  more fully as a child of the light.  We invite you each to this forum that the heart of mankind may be awakened in full.”

Later Event: January 21
Goddess Circle