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Reiki Level 2 Training

Learn Reiki Level 2 with Wendy Koreyva

Second degree Reiki will connect you to a higher frequency of the Reiki energy. You will also receive and learn to use three sacred symbols. These symbols will enable you to increase the amplitude of the Reiki energy, enhance mental & emotional balance, and to send absentee healing. You will also learn how to perceive and interpret energy blocks as well as four additional advanced Reiki hand positions.

Reiki Level 2 Training Includes:

Guided Meditation, Class Lecture and Discussions, Attunement to the Reiki II Energy, Three Sacred Reiki Symbols, Practice Time (most of the class time is spent practicing new techniques on each other), Reiki II Manual, Crystal Pendulum, and Certificate.

10:00am to 5pm

Fee: $225 ($25 Deposit due at registration.)

Register at or 732-800-6333