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The Art of Living

When you live your life fully, it is like creating a fine piece of artwork.

The Artist Way by Julia Cameron will be the foundation for your journey along with other self-discovery tools. This proven program will help you break through the blocks that hold you from the life you desire. This exciting 12 week program is facilitated by Bernadette McLaughlin, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Ancient Energy Practitioner. 

FREE introductory session on March 8th @ 6:30 pm!

Join us for a free introductory session and see if "The Art of Living" resonates with you!

Fee: 12 week course: $350.


“WOW,  Have just finished a truly amazing 12 week course, "Art Of Living" with Bernadette McLaughlin from Senseabilities. Bernadette is a wonderful facilitator who is gentle, loving and helps you see the blocks we have set up for ourselves.  When something was difficult to complete she'd say maybe you should look at this or that again and we will review next week.  And there were times I just didn't complete enough of the tasks and wasn't going to go to the group and Bernadette would say, Just Show Up!  It works!  Just showing up!”  Dawn

“I really enjoyed the Art Of Living program and am so happy I did it. It really brought a lot of things to light-- some things I knew, but tucked away, and some are brand new! I feel lighter, more organized, and more self-aware. It really helped me to weed through what matters and what doesn't, as well as what works for me and what doesn't. Thank you Bernadette for facilitating, giving a push when needed, backing
off when needed and laughing with us, keeping it light when it gets a little scary. :) I'm going to recommend this to friends on the next go around, for sure. Thank you!”  Melissa