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Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

A Workshop with Iris

As spiritual beings we are 'wired' to access inner guidance.  We have drifted far from this connection between the soul's knowing and our moment by moment need to know. We are challenged to know how to move in the world when we as decision makers have  lost  or neglected our known and trusted inner reference point (the soul's wisdom). The awakening process brings with it the recovery of this reference point, but we can accelerate the process by being in intentional alignment with it.

If you wish to deepen your ability to listen for and receive answers, consider attending this workshop with Iris. Each person has their own unique way or ways of receiving guidance. Come with your question and a journal for recording impressions. The day's vehicle will be three brief silent meditations, each focused on one aspect of your question. 

Contribution: $30

Space is limited, pre-registration recommended