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Full Moon in Taurus Meditation

Last month we meditated upon the pioneering and fearless qualities of the Aries moon. Through our own inner guidance, we learned which area of life to apply those qualities and to create a balance with the congenial and peaceful Libra sun. 

This month, while the sun is in the tranformative and intense sign of Scorpio, the moon will shower us with earthy and natural qualities of a Full Moon in Taurus. Here we will create a balance between pleasure and transformation. 

We will connect deeply with nature, animal life, beauty, art, color and our senses. We will clear our throats, an all inside, as Taurus rules the throat. We will travel to Venus, benefic ruler of Taurus and experience the energy there and meet our Animal Spirit Guide to assist us further in our connection to nature. 

We will be guided towards releasing areas in our life where we may have been stagnant or lazy or stubborn and replace with the powerful transformative energies of nature. We will tap into Taurean stability using the fearlessness we harnessed last month with Aries to move forward with projects concernning money, self worth, and our senses. 

We will end with the sounds of the beautiful crystal bowls and find out which astrological house we need to apply our determination, stabiity, and transformative impetus. 

Please join us and be sure to reserve in advance, as SPACE IS LIMITED!  732-800-3300.

$10.00 per person.

Later Event: November 8
Lyran Light Sound Healing Circle