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Second Degree Reiki Training

Second degree Reiki training builds upon the foundation established through your first degree training and attunement. As you have used that training, you have probably gained confidence, not only in Reiki’s value as a holistic modality, but also in your own ability to positively influence yourself and others as you share the gift of Reiki. Moving into the second degree, you will gain an even greater capacity to sense the flow of energy within both yourself and your clients.

The Second Degree Reiki Training includes:

*Reflection questions to help you, the practitioner, gain greater understanding of the flow of energy, of your deepening awareness of Reiki, and to enable you to identify patterns of energy

*A greater explanation of the chakra system

*An understanding of the value of symbols and their use in your Reiki practice

*The procedure for absentee Reiki

*Receiving the second degree attunement (in conjunction with the guided meditation, water ceremony, and a review of the 21 day cleanse)

*Learning additional hand positions to affect certain body systems and situations

*Supervised hands-on Reiki practice sessions (both giving and receiving)

*Practical tips to formalize your Reiki practice

*Discuss the ‘true’ assessment of furthering your reiki practice to the advanced degree

*the newest edition of the second degree manual

Pre-requisites include:

-First degree Reiki training and attunement

-A discernment discussion with your Reiki master regarding your readiness

Presenter:      Grace P.Conte, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master

Fee:                 $230.00. Please contact Grace to register - 908-902-5121

Please bring your First Degree Manual, a pillow, and a photograph

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Second Degree Practitioners and Beyond are welcome to join us to continue and deepen their practice (will also receive the newest edition ofmy manual).

Cost:  $75.00 for re-attunement