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Reiki II Training

Facilitated by Reiki Master Teacher Suzanne Bird, Reiki Level II offers three symbols, their mantras, and further perspectives to strengthen the gift of Reiki you received in Level I. The symbols make wonderful focal points for sessions or meditation, and bring in different "flavors" of Reiki energy. We will learn and practice sending Reiki to someone from a distance - for before or after surgery, for a job interview, or even for a global situation. Or, perhaps you'd like to send some Reiki to yourself, to be with you during an upcoming stressful situation. You can also send Reiki to heal the effects of your past or to support your future.

What to look forward to in Reiki II

  • Strengthening your Reiki by the use of three sacred Usui Reiki symbols and mantras.
  • Sending Reiki over a distance (like intercessory prayer) - also called absentee healing.
  • Reiki Level II attunement, to further open your energy channels and strengthen your ability to channel Reiki.
  • The Reiki Level I and Level II workbook from the International Center for Reiki Training.
  • Suzanne's Level II supplemental manual.

In order to allow for appropriate practice time, enrollment is limited to six students. To enroll, a non-refundable deposit of $60 is due no later than 4/22. Please RSVP to the class via New Earth Healing Gifts at 732-800-3300.

Fee: $200 plus $30 for manuals. Please make balance payments of cash or check to Suzanne Bird or Innergize. Please note - if you have taken Level I with Suzanne and/or already have the Reiki Level I or Level II workbook from the International Center for Reiki Training, the manual fee is only $15, for the supplemental manual.

Please bring two or three names of those who may benefit from some distance Reiki. Also feel free to bring any crystals or sacred objects you are drawn to.

Later Event: April 27
Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation