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Reiki Level I Training

Reiki is a practice intended to promote the health and well-being of individuals and our world. It is a Japanese word, formed from the separate words "rei" and "ki." While these words have a variety of meanings, in the context of healing, "rei" is understood as the universal spirit, higher self or God-consciousness, while "ki" is the life force energy that flows through all living things. In its most basic form, Reiki involves the gentle placement of hands in various positions on, or just above, the fully clothed body of the person receiving Reiki. Through this laying on of hands, the Reiki practitioner seeks to facilitate the rebalancing of the energy system, thereby strengthening the body's ability to heal and self-regulate. Since Reiki is known to reduce stress, it can be used as a preventative approach to self-care.

The First Degree Training includes:

  • An explanation of Reiki, the history of Reiki, the benefits of Reiki, and how the chakra energy system relates to Reiki
  • Receiving a Reiki Attunement with an overview of the twenty-one day cleanse and how to promote personal wellness in regard to your Reiki practice.
  • An instructional experience of giving and receiving a full Reiki treatment
  • An overview of the self-Reiki protocol with actual hands-on work
  • Discussion of what to look for in a Reiki Practitioner and an understanding of how to best establish your Reiki practice
  • A take-home manual of your First Degree Training

Pre-requisite: A full Reiki treatment.

Presented by Grace Conte, Certified Reiki Master.

Fee: $175.00. Pre-registration is required by September 1st. Deposit is required by September 1st. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Bring your own pillow.

Any questions, concerns, and to register, please call Grace Conte at 908-902-5121

Reiki Re-Attunement: For certified Reiki practitioners who would like to review the training for first degree, please consider joining with us. The fee will be $75.00.