Spiritual Tarot Readings

by Robin Elizabeth(formerly of Earth Spirit)

Robin Elizabeth listens to her angels and guides as they speak through her, channeling messages the angels and guides want passed on to the client. Along with tarot cards, Robin Elizabeth uses a pendulum, medicine cards and angel cards during the readings.

Robin Elizabeth has been doing Tarot Readings for many years. She has worked at psychic events various Atlantic City Casinos and has appeared at local psychic fairs, fund raisers and restaurants.

30 Minute Reading - $73

60 Minute Reading - $145

Robin is available Mondays and other days by appointment.

“Robin is one of the most spiritual and loving persons that I have had the privilege of knowing. Her joyful, exuberant nature is a potent energy that radiates through her reading. She is in tune with the universal energies that she interprets through the tarot cards. She is a skilled and talented psychic that has practiced this most intricate science for many years. Along with her gift of being an intuitive, she is also a mystic. Her deep spiritual beliefs and guidance permeates all her readings.”  - Joycelyn Midose, proprietor of Earth Spirit