Sky & Earth Session

A Multiple Modality Approach to Balance

Session includes:

Two practitioners for 45 minutes

*Crystal layout for the whole body

 *Reiki and reflexolgy


  *The session is sealed by the vibrations of crystal singing bowl tones.

We at New Earth have developed some new and unique sessions that incorporate multiple modalities and practitioners working together as a team. This latest offering is not only very relaxing, it provides a powerful felt sense of balance and well-being. We have found that when combining the energies of two or more modalities and practitioners, the benefits are multiplied exponentially.  

 For too long our western teachings and practices have missed or not recognized the benefits of multiple disciplines that address a person’s wellness in a whole way. We cannot separate our thoughts and feelings from our physical and spiritual states as they all affect one another.

 All experience and memory is stored in the cells of the as energy. This session is a means of clearing excess energies held within the body.

 For the purposes of a whole approach to balance we have combined these practices and modalities as yet another path to wholeness.

 Fee: 45 minutes - $100


Reiki is a Japanese energy practice, its literal translation means "Universal Life Force". Although not tied to a religion, it is a spiritual practice that offers a flow of high vibrational, natural energy to the recipient. The practitioner does not use their own thoughts, energy or directions but is instead trained to be a conduit for this energy that is always available and flows all around us. The recipient's higher self knows exactly what is needed, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and through the intention of healing or balance the energy goes to where it is needed. The recipient usually feels a sense of calm, deep relaxation and well-being during and after a session. It is used to unblock stuck energies and energize areas of depletion. 


Our ancient ancestors understood that crystals carry unique frequencies. There are an array of crystals that carry the correct and healthy vibration for just about any issue. Crystals, when matched to a part of the body or issue (be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) can help provide a means of balance through entrainment or homeopathy. The body part or issue simply tries to match the correct and healthy vibration provided by the crystal. The crystals used in this session are energizing, offering clearing and balance to all of the major energy centers or chakras of the physical body as well as addressing many mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human condition.


Various forms of reflexology have been used for thousands of years help maintain health and well-being. The therapist applies pressure to the reflex points on the feet to relieve stress and tension. The gentle pressure to the reflex points combined with foot massage facilitates the release of energy from the physical body. This release of energy allows the body to re-energize, absorbing clean fresh energy.


 Essential Oils have been used in healing practices as long as there have been healing practices. Most if not all pharmaceuticals are derived from plants. This again is due to the vibrational frequencies offered by, in this case, the scent of the botanical used. One of the best delivery systems for essential oils is through the nose as their properties are quickly absorbed through the fine membranes of the nostrils. In this session you can choose from one or more essential oils that are diffused into the air of the treatment room.

Lavender Oil: calming, relaxing, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, alleviates anxiety and stress

Peppermint Oil: enlivening scent,  soothes headache and opens the sinuses

Cypress Oil: Balance, inner peace, Trust and wisdom

Lemon Oil: Awareness, clarity and rejuvenation

Rosemary Oil: Clarity, energizing and uplifting


Singing bowls are a form of sound therapy. Just like crystals and essential oils, specific tones or notes correspond to the energy centers of the body, offering the correct and balanced vibration to all aspects of the energy centers. In this session two bowls are be used, one for the heart and one for grounding. When in balance the heart center carries the vibration of love and perfection, it is one of the most powerful frequencies used in energy work. The grounding bowl is tuned to the root chakra and helps to integrate the session into the physical body.