Soul Connection and Energetic Clearing Sessions


Introduction: We are two mature healing practitioners who have combined resources to offer the opportunity to reveal and release restrictive energy in the mind/body complex.  In this “two to one” session, Reiki and Intuitive Readings are the vehicles for balance.  Jen offers her skills as a Reiki Master and clairvoyant, while Iris peers into the inner world of the client to give voice to what is arising as the session progresses. Through the synergy of their skills a potent threshold experience may be explored to address the clients stated needs.

Format:  The session, which may be as long as one and one-half hours, begins with a verbal sharing between Iris and the client. Iris will ask several directed questions to help her understand what brings the client to this session.  The answers provided are the client’s contribution and statement of intent to his or her own healing process, and also provide the basis for the direction from which his or her soul will proceed in the session. 

The session continues with Jen, who offers Reiki to deepen the client in preparation for the reading phase.  As the session proceeds, Jen and Iris verbally offer what is received via their intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. The client’s soul, with great delight, may utilize this safe and loving opportunity to reveal an arrested portion of one’s soul development (fear, trauma, conditioning from numerous sources), and release what is discovered through the body’s tissues.  It is in the body’s tissues where much cellular memory is stored.

The session is completed in Jen’s presence.  Her Reiki skills provide closure to the session by energetically sealing the experience, thus allowing the body’s own healing abilities to carry the client through the ensuing days of integration.

Fee: $200. Sessions by appointment at New Earth Healing Gifts:  732 800-3300.

About us: We are friends and colleagues. We are committed to creating a soothing and supportive environment where those intent on living wholly fulfilled lives may discover themselves.  This is in effect a soul retrieval process.  We have had our own profound and prolonged experiences in recovering these soul fragments and integrating them for the sake of personal and planetary evolution.

About Iris: I would describe myself as one who has courted connection with all sentient life. The courtship continues to this day, offering a path into the heart of humankind and nature. When I am truly connected, there is an interchange of life force, which allows me to peer into and "read" what is discovered. My gifts are inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowing.

My educational degrees are in social work, both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

My soul’s insistent prompting is toward the mirroring of Divine Love. My prayer is that this open door to love invites the return of the lost parts of ourselves to Divine Oneness.  To that end, I am dedicated to the offerings of spiritual intuitive readings and flower essence consultations.  I live on the Eastern seaboard with Belle and Ananda, two precious cats.

About Jen: I have been a Reiki Master/ Practitioner since January 2003. It has been a long held desire of mine to help individuals find a pathway to peace and balance in their lives. The practice of Reiki provides a means of excavating and loosening blocked energy, energy that may have been inadvertently pushed down into our subconscious minds and into the tissues. Reiki gently moves the energy to the surface where it can be viewed, reconciled, balanced and cleared.  I believe that as each individual heals, we bring healing to each other and our planet.

I have 3 children, am married and lived locally for some 30 years. I draw on much of my life’s experience to enhance and deepen my work.


"Iris, I cannot begin to express my gratitude to both you and Jen. This session was life-changing and that is no exaggeration.  I am so excited to move past that trauma and to have been able to shed that layer in such a safe and loving environment makes my gratitude almost unworthy of words. You are both gifts from God.  All I can say is thank you. 

Love, Shannon"

"Soul Connection with Jen and Iris can be a powerful tool. First you have to know everything has an energy. The best example I can give is lightning. We see its immense power and it comes from all the energy built up in the atmosphere. We can't see the energy but we can feel it, the same principle applies.  Healing doesn't happen overnight, but healing the mind and body together is life changing. For the past year I have had continual sessions with Jen and Iris, the growth that has become of me was unthinkable. The messages I have gotten from my soul on how to heal me have been the key to changing my life.  That is the most important thing you need to know; you do the healing and Jen and Iris have a powerful way of assisting that process so gently. Flower essences are sure to help you, the descriptions that I have gotten have been on point always and are made just for me and whatever trauma needs healing. My endless thanks for helping me through my divorce, truly a death in itself. The layers that needed to be shed have lightened my heavy heart.Without New Earth Healing Services, I  am certain that I would be lost. - M.W."