Intrinsic Touch and Crystal Energy Session

   With Chris Jacoubs


 "Intrinsic" by definition means “belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing.” The Intrinsic Touch refers to our essential, innate healing abilities and the intuitive touch of the practitioner. Chris Jacoubs describes this touch and his use of crystals: “My hands can feel heat and energy in the body and are guided to go to these places for healing. The crystals I use are very sacred and have found me along my path.  Their purpose is to amplify the energy and also open the chakras. It is important to keep our chakras open and unblocked, when they are closed we can manifest illness and disease.”

This is a heart-based healing and together we will put your intention for this session into the universe, bringing us back to cosmic oneness. You will have a sense of rejuvenation and lightness when we finish.

 Chris is a Reiki practitioner and an Integrated Energy Therapy master. 

One of Chris's clients allowed us to use her words about her session:

"My latest experience at New Earth has been with Chris Jacoubs. I had my first experience with him at a Triad Healing session, with Iris and Jen, a number of months ago. About a month ago I had another energy session with just Chris. Chris has an unassuming demeanor, but  in my opinion he's a very powerful born healer. Working with him I could feel very good energy coming forth. He has an innate ability to know which healing  stones should be applied at different places on a clothed person's energy centers. Both times I could feel intense heat and relaxation in my energy body.  I had also given him permission to share anything that came up during the session. When he did share a few things, it validated much of what I have been working on. 

After my hour treatment I kind of lost track of time. I was in such a relaxed state that seemed to last for days.  To my surprise, I was able to have a heart opening, and able to express my self more easily. It is something I have always had difficulty doing, but, somehow that is changing now." - Angela V.


Session: $75 for one hour session.

     "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. "
                          Albert Einstein