Indian Head Massage


Indian Head Massage has its roots in the Aryurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for more than a thousand years. “The philosophy underlying Aryuveda is the belief that health results from harmony within one’s self. For a person to be healthy there must be harmony between their purpose for being, their thoughts, their feelings and physical actions.” Indian Head massage works on all of these levels: physical, mental and energetic. (1)

What To Expect:

The Indian Head Massage includes massage of the head (scalp, face, ears), neck, shoulders, upper chest, arms and hands. The massage uses kneading, compression and smooth gliding strokes as well as pressing on Marma points which are similar to acupressure points. There is an energy or chakra balancing component as well. The massage oil may be unscented or combined with aromatherapy essential oils. This massage is done on a massage table. The client is draped the same way as a regular massage client.


Indian Head Massage reduces stress in the head, neck and shoulder areas.  Some other benefits may include general relaxation and a sense of calmness and peace, alignment of of body mind and spirit.


Session: 30 minutes, $40


(1. Debbi Quinn, Manual for Indian Head Massage.)