Balanced Healing

Balanced Healing is the inspired offering of Chris Jacoubs and Iris Krstanovich. It is noticed that in the presence of a male and female practitioner, a balanced energetic field offers clients the opportunity to release trauma and stored memories.   Safety is both experienced and trusted, allowing long-sought guidance and assistance to free the body/mind. The key to each session's success is the mysterious synergy of male and female,  within each of us, as well as between us. Chris'  gentle and grounded presence is the bridge to recovery of lodged memory, and Iris' mature and secure presence is the backdrop required to trust and heal. 

Format: Balanced Healing begins with an approximate thirty minute verbal sharing between Iris and the client. Iris asks several questions to help clarify what calls the client to this session.  The answers provided serve as the client's contribution to his or her healing journey. Intentions for the session are formulated. What is offered by the client also becomes the basis for the direction(s) from which the soul proceed.

The session continues with the client fully clothed on the massage table.Chris then lays a grid of crystals on the client's chakras helping to open the etheric body. With a light touch, the mind is quieted, allowing a more relaxed state so the energy flows freely. Acting as a conduit for the white light to come directly through him from Source, Chris intuitively is guided to different trigger points on the body. This is the stage of the healing when stuck energy can be discharged  through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies leaving room for the new. Space is now also available for the soul to more deeply embody as the Divine Healer, thus deepening the trust and self confidence. 

Simultaneously, Iris verbally offers what is received via her gifts of inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowing. This portion of the session, up to one hour, develops and deepens in ways perfectly suited to the client, because it is the client's soul directing the process. An estranged portion of his or her soul development (fear, conditioning, trauma resulting in soul fragmentation) may be gently revealed. The reasons for the often confusing and difficult teachings are shared, often with great accuracy.   Release may occur through the body's tissues, where cellular memory is stored. An "ah hah" moment often delights everyone present, as emotional release makes way for epiphanies.

Preparing for your session: We recommend thirty minutes of silence before  you arrive at New Earth. Your soul will also be communicating with you in synchronistic ways up to a week prior, and attending to this communication is your commitment to this process.  Recording the session is recommended. The fee is $180, payable by cash or (two) checks of $90 each the day of the session. Iris would be happy to follow up by email or a short phone call within a week of your session.  A flower essence combination, assisting the integration phase of your session, may be added for an additional fee.

About Chris:

Through auspicious timing and a healing experience of his own, Chris has followed guidelines to his own truth. It started with yoga, receiving energy healing, Native American ceremonies, spiritual guidance, and flower essences. With these different modalities and other spiritual pilgrimages he was able to look inward and find the "I Am" Presence. On the journey he has learned IET, Reiki, and Energy Medicine using the gifts which lie within his hands. Now with a heart of compassion, his commitment is to bring personal healing and spiritual guidance to others finding their own path. 

       Chris has always lived by the shore and has an affinity for the ocean.    

About Iris:

Iris' educational degrees are in social work, both at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

Her soul’s insistent prompting is toward the mirroring of Divine Love. Her prayer is that this open door to love invites the return of the lost parts of ourselves to Divine Oneness. To that end, she is dedicated to the offerings of spiritual intuitive readings and flower essence therapy. She lives on the Eastern seaboard with Belle and Ananda, two precious cats.