astrological support session 

Namaste From Iris:

I am now offering one hour astrological support sessions.  These are psycho-spiritual in nature, meant to midwife personal shifts that are either right in front of you or on the edge of your own knowing.

Why might you be led to join me in this exploration?

You are in transition: a change of job, relationship, location, career focus.

You are knee-deep in feelings that you know are here for a reason.

You are dreaming unusual dreams, or guided to study topics that are calling you to spiritually grow and need help understanding what this is all about.

You need help grounding in the life changes you are experiencing, and desire a bit of help with possible timing of your process.

You are led to astrology as a way of understanding yourself.

You want to play! You have a birthday coming up and want to gift yourself with a service that lovingly helps you  make sense of these amazing times as they relate to YOU.

What I need: An EXACT TIME OF BIRTH (from a birth certificate or baptismal or bible or other record keeping document that has been in your family). Your place of birth and date of birth.

Sessions are one hour in length. The fee is $150 (there is preparation time for me prior to our meeting) which is included in this fee. It is suggested that  you record the session.

I am a life-long student of astrology. The science and art of astrology is so multi-faceted, spiritually, galactically and universally rich that I will always consider myself a student.  These sessions are meant to help you now by looking at the year ahead through your present state of consciousness. If a transit is extending further than a year, I will offer  you the dates that will help you mentally and emotionally settle in with the process of what  your soul has prepared for you.  Human choices are everything here, and our choices come through our perceptual lenses. Astrology has the potential to help us perceive differently, thus helping us choose differently.