Animal Communication and Reiki

All Things Kindred: For our Companion Pets

Reasons to Have a Session

Our companion pets, feline, canine, feathered and others, have agreed to complex job descriptions. Like their people-friends, there are a variety of reasons why challenges arise that affect them in ways that are not always clear to us. These reasons may include physical stressors of aging and injury, outdoor pollutants such as electro-magnetic frequencies, the absorption of their people's mental and emotional pain in an effort to stabilize peace and happiness in their households. Our companion pets may respond to these stressors through aggressive behaviors, withdrawal that mimics depression, anxiety or physically becoming ill. There are many other responses also possible. The practitioners at New Earth have created a collaborative effort to assist the companion pet toward balance, and to help the pet's person to understand the unique situation that has brought them to New Earth. We acknowledge the animal companion and human as entwined, thus one can not be loved into balance without the other's enhanced awareness of what is occurring.

What to Expect

You and your animal companion are joined by Iris and a Reiki practitioner. Currently, we offer this service for pets by either Jen Kelder or Michele Daniels. As your companion animal finds its comfort level with us, Iris will ask you questions to orient her to the specific needs of your family situation. The Reiki practitioner is assessing the situation in her own way, while you too are finding your comfort level. What follows is up to five minutes of silence as Iris intuitively receives what is needed to begin, either through the companion pet or the group soul of the pet. 

We notice that being heard is a great relief to the pet's well-being. As it becomes clear to the pet that all parties are here for his or her sake, we have witnessed the pet's movement toward specific areas of the room for what is most helpful. We have also witnessed the pet positioning him or herself into the hands of the Reiki practitioner, going into a 'zone' of deep reception of what is being offered. They may fall asleep, while continuing to energetically communicate their needs.

Education of the process is offered as needed throughout the session. A plan might be offered, or simply words of encouragement for everyone. A follow-up appointment may be encouraged.

About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force. It is used for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing. Reiki is a complementary, non-invasive energy that balances the body emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, allowing the body to do what it does best ~ heal itself. It is a holistic therapy which means that it treats the whole, not just symptoms of dis-ease. Reiki is a light-touch holistic modality which shares energy and welcomes healing.  

 About Animal Communication

Listening to our animal companions is a great privilege. They express exactly what they wish to express, no more, no less, and are in control of their session from the moment they allow me entry to their worlds. In my experience, they also control the topics. Often they want to share their experiences of YOU. They turn the tables often, sometimes with humor, sometimes with concern, and most always with an unconditional loving presence that puts us in awe of what they know. What they know is expressed through images, occasional comments and feelings, as well as sharing their stream of consciousness, which Iris calls “chatting”.

The Practitioners

Meet Iris: I would describe myself as one who has courted connection with all sentient life. The courtship continues to this day, offering a path into the heart of humankind and nature.  When I am truly connected, there is an interchange of life force, which allows me to peer into and "read" what is discovered.  My gifts are inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowledge.
My educational degrees are in social work, both at the Bachelor's and Master's levels.
My soul's insistent prompting is toward the mirroring of Divine Love.  My prayer is that this open door to love invites the return of the lost parts of ourselves to Divine Oneness.  To that end, I am dedicated to the offerings of spiritual readings and flower essence consultations. I live on the Eastern seaboard with Belle and Ananda, two precious cats.

Meet Jen: I have been a Reiki Master/ Practitioner since January 2003. It has been a long held desire of mine to help individuals find a pathway to peace and balance in their lives. The practice of Reiki provides a means of excavating and loosening blocked energy ~ energy that may have been inadvertently pushed down into the subconscious mind and into the tissues. Reiki gently moves the energy to the surface where it can be viewed, reconciled, balanced and cleared.  I
believe that as each individual heals, we bring healing to each other and our planet.

I have 3 children, am married and lived locally for some 30 years. I draw on much of my life’s experience to enhance and deepen my work.

Meet Michele: Certified Reiki Master/Practitioner trained in Western Reiki, Okuden Reiki and Chakra Balancing. What began as a healing journey for myself organically grew into sharing Reiki/Chakra Balancing with the animals I love. For the past 6 years I have worked with animals and their human companions locally and worldwide. In 2013 I created Gardens of Tranquility, combining my love of gardening and Reiki. I live in Point Pleasant with my husband, Mark, my two amazing German Shepherds, Jackie and Dex and our sweet cat, Willie. I am privileged to be an executive board member for the non-profit, Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc., helping people worldwide manage exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in their dogs. 

Animals have been a constant presence and passion in my life since childhood, sharing the unconditional love they so generously offer. We walk the earth together, we share in One light, and it is my mission to shine brightly for each and every animal I am blessed to cross paths with.


Combined Communication/Reiki Session ~ $150

Reiki Session ~ $75

Communication Session ~ $100