It has been a long held desire of mine to help individuals find a pathway to peace and balance in their lives. New Earth Healing Gifts and Services was born of this desire. As you step through the door you will know you have entered a sacred space, a place of service, healing and harmony.

We all hear, feel and experience in different ways which inspired me to create a safe and beautiful place where multiple healing modalities are offered under one roof. Whether through a class or group activity, a healing tool such as a book or crystal or through a service such as Reiki or massage, my hope is you will find a pathway that speaks to your soul.

I have invited heart-centered practitioners who consider their practice as much a vocation as an occupation to come and share their gifts with you. Our knowledgeable store staff can help you choose the best tools and products to take home for your continued healing.

I believe that as each individual heals, we bring healing to each other and our planet. Join us on our mission to create a New Earth, a place of love, peace and harmony.

With Love and Light,