We at New Earth are excited to announce a new service.

We have recognized the benefits of Multiple Practitioner Sessions and have seen what the synergy of three can provide.  This inspired us to develop a collaborative offering featuring Iris, Wendy Koreyva and Jennifer Kelder called Trinity Healing.

This one and one half our session begins with a 30-minute interview with Iris. The session continues with all three practitioners present. Iris offers energetic and spiritual intuitive support as guided. Wendy acts as a channel for Lyran Light frequencies. While providing energy work, she brings in messages from the client's soul in the form of Vocal Toning, and/or Light Language. Jen is present to offer energy work as well as to relay messages offered by the client's soul.

This high frequency experience is very powerful and may help you break through to the next level of your evolution. 

The fee for this service is $250.