TRIAD Healing

A Multidisciplinary Approach


The  90 minute session includes:

*3 Practitioners

* Intuitive Reading

* Reiki and

* Crystal Energy Work


We at New Earth have developed some new and unique sessions that incorporate multiple modalities and practitioners working together as a team.

This session begins with approximately 20 minutes of dialogue between the client and Iris, our Intuitive reader, for the purposes of determining the intention and direction of the session. The client is then joined by Jen our Reiki Master Practitioner and Chris our Crystal Energy Worker. The client lays on a massage table fully clothed and the session continues with all three practitioners participating and conferring for the next hour.

Our combined energies provide a field for direct input and assistance from several sources that may include The Ascended Masters, Stellar Origins, Angelic Realms and Benevolent Guides. By listening and feeling we are guided to be present to the client’s needs, making each session unique. We have found that when combining the energies of two or more practitioners the benefits are multiplied exponentially.

We cannot separate our thoughts and feelings from our physical and spiritual states as they all affect one another. The energy of past experience and memory can get stuck in the cells of the body decreasing the free flow of chi or prana. We can suffer PTSD like symptoms or repeat painful patterns when emotional trauma or childhood issues are not addressed and cleared.  This session addresses all levels of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies and can help to move blocked or stuck energies, bring mental clarity, restore energy levels and bring peace of mind.

Intuitive Reading Component: After the interview process is completed and the combined session continues, Iris communicates with your soul’s essence to hear what it is that the higher self wants to reveal. Our conscious minds or egos are very good at masking or simply not understanding what the issues or blocks are that interfere with a balanced and whole life. The soul never relays any information that the conscious mind is not ready to know so the process is very gentle and helpful. She also listens in for guidance, sharing with you and the other practitioners what she is told. Iris has many years of experience in the art of “right question” with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and later as an Intuitive. Her gifts are inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowing.

Reiki Component: Reiki is a Japanese word that literally translates to “Universal Life Force”. Although not tied to a religion, it is a spiritual practice that offers the flow of high vibrational, natural energy to the recipient. The Reiki practitioner does not use his or her own energy during a session but instead has been trained to be a conduit to the Reiki vibration which flows freely around us at all times. Reiki energy helps to balance the body, mind and spirit by helping to move stuck energy and restoring areas that may be depleted. Jen is a Reiki Master Practitioner with 15 years of experience. She is also clairvoyant and by “listening in” contributes to the intuitive component of the session.

Crystal Energy Work Component: Our Ancient Ancestors understood that crystals carry specific frequencies for the purposes of healing, wellness and balance. Chris has discovered a talent for working with these crystals and has acquired a number of them in his toolkit. He also incorporates the platonic solids and sacred geometry in his work. Through intuition and guidance Chris skillfully uses his tools to focus energy into areas of the body or the chakras that are in need of attention. Chris is a certified Reiki Practitioner as well as being trained in IET. Chris received the Munay-Ki rites while in Peru, these 9 rites empower us to step up to the task of assuming stewardship for the earth and all creation. He is easy going and quiet in nature which is felt through his calming energy.

Iris, Intuitive Reader

Chris Jacoubs, Crystal Energy Worker

Jennifer Kelder, Reiki Master Practitioner

Session: 90 minute session $255