Reiki – “The Secret Art of Inviting Happiness”


Dear prospective Reiki II Student,

Level two offers symbols and other ways to strengthen the gift of Reiki you received in Level One. Imagine learning to focus Reiki for a specific intention, or to use Reiki to help case an emotional wound. Imagine being able to send Reiki to someone from a distance - for before or after surgery, for a job interview - or even sending Reiki to a global situation. Or, perhaps you'd like to send some Reiki to yourself, to be with you during a stressful situation. You can also send Reiki to heal your past or to support your future.


What to look forward to in Reiki II:

  • Strengthening your Reiki by the use of the 3 sacred Usui Reki symbols
  • Sending Reiki over a distance (like intercessory prayor) - also called absentee healing
  • Reiki Level II attunement, to further open your energy channels and strengthen your ability to channel Reiki
  • Some Japanese Reiki techniques, including sending Reiki with the breath, with the eyes, etc.
  • Clearing your own energy field, clearing a location or object with Reiki
  • Guided meditation to meet your Reiki Spirit Guide
  • The Reiki Level I/Level II workbook from the International Center for Reiki Training
  • Suzanne's Level II supplemental manual
  • Plenty of practice time with the new symbols