Axiatonal Alignment

with Wendy


The Axiatonal Alignment need only be performed once in a person’s lifetime and takes approximately 60 minutes.  During this process you will lie down fully clothed on a massage table in one of our tranquil treatment rooms.  You will relax with your eyes closed while Wendy uses energy techniques (similar to Reiki) to activate and connect your body’s meridian points and lines to the grid lines of the planet.  She will use a combination of invocation, intention, light-touch, crystals, breath and sound to facilitate the process.  Once your Axiatonal Alignment is complete you will be connected to the planets, the stars and other dimensions in a new way.  And since you will have a heightened connection to Source, you will be able to communicate more easily with your “I Am Presence” and Over Soul Family.  In addition, you will receive an activation of your etheric and physical DNA.  Although everyone’s Axiatonal Alignment is different, most people feel a stronger connection to Source, experience expanded states of consciousness, and have a clearer sense of purpose or mission.  This can occur spontaneously or evolve over time.  Wendy highly recommends the Axiatonal Alignment to everyone and particularly to Lightworkers.

About Wendy:

Wendy Koreyva is the founder of Lyran Light Healing™ and Crystal Lotus™ Healing Arts.  She began her training in all things metaphysical after experiencing complete remission of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2003.  Wendy attributes her recovery to divine intervention brought about through Prayer, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation.  She has practiced these and other related modalities for over 13 years.   It has become her passion to assist others in healing and in reconnecting to their own divinity.  Wendy holds the following certifications/qualifications:   Reiki Master in 3 lineages, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing®, Level 3 Reconnective Healing Practitioner®, Certified Crystal Healer, Chopra Center Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader, and Spiritual Intuitive and Counselor.  In addition, she is an artist, jewelry designer and an ordained minister of The Universal Life Church Monastery.